"My Kid Passed Gold, Now What?"

After your student has completed the gold level they will be competent in all four competitive swimming strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly. They are now considered a big fish in a little pond and are ready to pursue swimming as a competitive sport. You and your child can talk about what's next, and here are a few options for you to consider:

Happy Fish Bonus Level - Big Fish

When a swimmer passes the gold level at Happy Fish they may understand all the techniques to swim well, but may lack the repetition that is needed to build those strokes into their muscle memory. We have a bonus level at Happy Fish called the "Big Fish" level. Kids in this level continue practicing their strokes through repetition, and also learn a few new aquatic skills that aren't needed in competitive swimming. Spending some time in the Big Fish level can help solidify what they've learned in a small group environment and challenge them with a few new skills such as: swimming with their heads out of the water, sidestroke, flip turns, and helping a distressed swimmer get to safety.

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Swim Team Preparation Class

Happy Fish students who have passed the gold level and maybe spent some time in the Big Fish level, or have previously been on a swim team, can join our Swim Team Prep class. This class focuses on teaching swimmers common swimming drills used at swim practice. Swimmers new to a team will often not fully understand the drills their coach will ask them to perform and for what the purpose. Our goal for this class is to help swimmers develop the appropriate "swim team vocabulary" so they have an easier time adjusting to the expectations of a swim team.

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Fees One 60-Minute Class per Week
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