A Culture of Safety

Our goal is to take the necessary precautions to help mitigate the risk of the spread of COVID and will ask for voluntary compliance from all parents, students, and staff members.  We will make this list of safety precautions a part of our culture.  Our goal is for the precautions listed below to be "the way we do things."

Staff and Customer Health Screening

All staff and customers entering the building will get a temperature check and will be asked to review a few essential safety questions before entering the building.  We rely on the common sense of our staff and customers to not come to swim lessons if they are feeling ill or have reason to believe they should not be participating in swim lessons.

Face Masks and Face Shields

All persons entering the building will be required to wear a face covering and keep it on while inside the building.  Students taking swim lessons will not be required to wear a face covering.  Swim teachers will be wearing a face shield while teaching lessons.  

Modified Amenities

We have modified many of the amenities we normally have at Happy Fish.  The on-deck showers will be closed off to customers, and we have limited the number of changing stalls available to ensure social distance while changing.  Finally, we have removed all highly touchable surfaces in the lobby.

Mobile Customer Service Station

We plan on operating outside as much as possible as the weather permits.  Parents will be encouraged to utilize the Contact Us page as a way to leave us a digital message so we can help you from a distance.

Ongoing Disinfection and Increased Air Flow

Our staff will be trained to disinfect surfaces regularly throughout the day.  In addition, our HVAC unit will constantly pull fresh air into the pool area at all times and we will have doors open as much as possible.

Pool Disinfection

Our swimming pool is continually being disinfected and is not a threat for spreading COVID.