How Do I Schedule a Make Up Class?

Students who miss a regularly scheduled class will have an opportunity to schedule a make-up class within 30 days of missing the class. There is NO ANNUAL LIMIT to the number of make up classes a student can do, but there are rules we will adhere to.

    The Fine Print:
  • Participant(s) must be actively enrolled in an ongoing weekly class and be current with their monthly tuition in order to redeem make up tokens.
  • Make up classes cannot be scheduled more than 7 days in advance.
  • Happy Fish CANNOT guarantee any class, or teacher, availability. Families are encouraged to attend regularly scheduled classes and to use make-up classes sparingly.
  • Make-up tokens are issued AFTER missing a regularly-scheduled class. We cannot schedule a make-up class(es) for planned future absences.
  • Once a make up class is scheduled, it cannot be cancelled or re-scheduled...schedule wisely.
  • Students who miss a make up class will not receive another make up token.
  • Make up classes cannot be used in place of a regularly schedule class.
  • Families can trade in an expiring make up token for a Family Practice Time Ticket ($20 value) which grants access for up to 4 people to our weekend practice times.