Missed Class/Make Up Policy:

Students** who miss a regularly scheduled class will have 30 days to schedule a make-up class or forfeit the class. Students who miss a regularly scheduled class will be issued a digital Make-Up Token AFTER missing a class. The Make-Up Token will allow you to register for a Make-Up class.

PLEASE NOTE: Make-Up classes are NOT GUARANTEED. We want you to be able to make up your missed classes, but we CANNOT GUARANTEE that you will be able to make up EVERY class you miss. Your flexibilty, our availability, and how often you check opnline ALL play a major role in whether or not you will be able to find an appropriate class. Please attend your regualrly scheduled classes for the best experience.

  • Once a make-up class has been reserved, it CANNOT be cancelled or rescheduled. Happy Fish cannot be responsible for uninteded circumstances that arise which prevent you from attending your reserved Make Up class. A missed make-up class will not be eligible for another make up class.
  • Make-Up classes can be scheduled (online or in person) for any AVAILABLE class that takes place within 7 days (Today + 6 days in the future).
  • Make-Up Tokens expire 30 days after the issue date, no exceptions. We do not extend the life of Make Up Tokens and expired Make-Up Tokens have no redeemable value.
  • Make-Up Tokens CANNOT be used in place of regularly scheduled classes.

**Students in Specialty classes such as Waterbabies, Aqua Adults, and Seasonal Swim Clinics DO NOT qualify for Make Up Classes. Make up classes are for "small group weekly swim lesson" students ONLY.

How to Book a Make Up Class Online:

1. Login to the Parent Portal and click MY ACCOUNT to view your child(ren)'s profile(s).
Click the MAKEUPS icon under the student's name you wish to book a make up class for.

2. You'll see a list of all your ACTIVE make up tokens.
Click on the token you want to use. Usually the oldest one is at the top of the list.

3. Use the date picker to search for and book an available make up class today or in the upcoming 6 days.

Please Note: Make up classes are offered when other parents notify us of their child's upcoming absence or when a staff member decides to work on their day off. It is a LIVE schedule that can change in real time. Be prepared to check often.

4. Click on the class you want to book, then click "Use Makeup Token" to book the class.
If you clicked on a class in error, you have 24 hours to cancel the make up class. Simply reply to your confirmation email within 24 hours to request a class cancellation.