American Red Cross Lifeguarding Classes

Happy Fish Swim School is an Authorized Provider of American Red Cross Lifeguarding courses. Courses are lead by experienced instructors who are dedicated to serving the community.

Happy Fish conducts full courses and challenge (re-certification) courses at both Fremont and Livermore facilities.

If you have any questions regarding American Red Cross courses or to contact one of our instructors please leave a message on our Contact Us page.

Lifeguard Training - Full Course

This course will focus on injury prevention, aquatic safety, CPR/AED training, first aid, and spinal management. Please bring a swimsuit and towel to class everyday (goggles optional, but recommended). Each class will have a 45-minute lunch break.

• Must be 15 years of age by the end of the class.
• Must be able to swim 300 yards consecutively.
• Must be able to retrieve a 10 lb. brick from 7 ft. and kick on your back for 10 yards in under 1 minute and 40 seconds..
• Must be able to tread water for 2 minutes without using your arms (hands tucked underneath your armpits).

COVID-19: Additional Information

During the Pandemic, we will be using the American Red Cross "Blended Learning" option to conduct this course. Here's how it works:

1. Students will use an Online Learning Module (which will be provided on the first day of class) combined with nightly "Zoom" meetings to cover key topics have a dialogue regarding the material covered.

2. Students will attend TWO "in-person" skills practice sessions.

3. Final testing will be done at the end of the second skills session.

During the pandeminc, current safety precautions will be followed, including: face masks, physical distance, surface disinfection, and maintaining Social Bubbles when possible.

Spring Break Class
Date Time Location
Mon 3/29 7p - 8p Online Zoom Meeting:
Mon 3/29 - Thu 4/1
(Meeting code will be provided)

In Person Skills Sessions:
Happy Fish Swim School - Fremont
4831 Davenport Pl.
Fremont, CA 94538

Tue 3/30 7p - 8p
Wed 3/31 7p - 8p
Thu 4/1 7p - 8p
Mon 4/5 9a - 4p
Tue 4/6 9a - 4p
Estimated Time 26.0 hrs.

Cost: $250.00


Lifeguard Training - Review and Re-Certification Course

If you have already completed your Lifeguard certification, then you must review and challenge the course every 2 years to show you still possess the knowledge and skills to continue working as a professional Lifeguard.

Please remember to review the entire Lifeguard Manual (download below) as you will not be able to re-take challenge test if you score less than 80%.


COVID-19: Additional Information

In order to maintain small groups, the review and recertification class will be broken into 2 parts: an Online Presentation and an In-Person Skills Session.

Participants MUST complete both steps to become re-certified.

During the pandeminc, safety precautions will be followed: face masks, reduced class sizes, physical distancing whenever possible, surface disinfection, and maintaining Social Bubbles if applicable.

Online Presentation (Step 1)**
Date Time Location
Tue 3/16 4p - 7p
Zoom Presentation
(Choose ONLY One)

Thu 3/18 4p - 7p
Estimated Time 3.0 hrs.

**Additional Zoom lectures may be scheduled if needed.

In Person Skills Session (Step 2)
Date Time Location
Sat 3/20 2p - 7p Happy Fish Swim School - Fremont
4831 Davenport Pl.
Fremont, CA 94538

(Choose ONLY One)
Limit 2 - 4 persons per session.

Social Bubbles are encouraged
to enroll for the same class.
Mon 3/22 9a - 2p
Wed 3/24 9a - 2p
Sat 3/27 2p - 7p
Mon 3/29 9a - 2p
Wed 3/31 9a - 2p
Sat 4/3 2p - 7p
Sun 4/4 9a - 2p
Sun 4/4 2p - 7p
Estimated Time 5.0 hrs.

Cost: $150.00
(Cost includes a new CPR Pocket Mask)