Social Bubble Swim Lessons

Happy Fish offers Social Bubble Lessons for families who would like to reserve a weekly 30-minute class for members of their immediate family or social bubble.  Our teachers will help everyone work towards their own goals even if their swimming abilities are different. 

Simply enroll one student into a class to reserve the class and bring up to 4 participants on the day of class.  For the best results, attending students should remain as consistent as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the class cost per person or per class?
A: The class cost is PER CLASS. If you bring 1 student or 4 students on the day of class, the cost is the same.

Q: How do the payments work?
A: The family that reserves the class will be charged for all the classes in the month.
If you would like to split the cost with a friend in your social bubble, we recommend working out payments with them seperately. Happy Fish cannot split payments between multiple families.

Q: Can the students who come to class change from week to week?
A: Yes. As long as the maximum number of students 4 you can bring whomever you want to swim class. Just be aware that new students will tend to slow down the progress of regularly attending students.

Q: If we normally have 3 students who attend, but then 2 don't show up, will the class be prorated for the two that don't show up?
A: No. The class cost remains the same whether 1, 2, 3, or 4 students show up to class.

Q: When would I be credited for missing a class?
A: An account credit of $25 will be applied to the family's account who is reserving the class ONLY when NO ONE shows up to class.

Q: Are adults allowed to participate during Social Bubble Swim Lessons?
A: Adults are only allowed in the pool if they accompany a child under the age of 3 (see waterbabies for more info). We will not be able to teach adults during Social Bubble Swim Lessons.

Q: Will other lessons be happening at the same time?
A: Yes. There will be other Social Bubble Swim Lessons happening simultaneously, and will be socially distanced from each other.


Social Bubble Lesson Fees
$75/week (max of 4 students)

Tuition will be billed monthly based off the number of classes registered for in the month.