Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Register For A Free Trial Class?

We offer free trial classes for new students and families who are unsure about swimming at Happy Fish. Following your trial class, your child will be assigned a level by the teacher they will find the most comfortable and challenging. You may choose to register at anytime after taking your class if you wish to do so.

    The Fine Print:
  • Free trial classes can only be taken during the current week in an open class.
  • Free trial classes cannot be scheduled online, so please give us a call or come to the pool to register.
  • Trial class enrollments do not guarantee future enrollment in the trial class.
  • Adult Students DO NOT qualify for a FREE TRIAL CLASS.
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There are many ways to register for classes. If you have already created an online account, then you can easily register and pay for classes online. If you want to enroll for specific classes or have multiple children, then it might be easier to register in person or over the phone. After registering for a class online, you will receive a confirmation email.

    The Fine Print:
  • Once you register for a class, you will remain registered in that class until you transfer or suspend the class. You will be responsible for the fees associated with that class until a notice of suspension is received.
  • If you miss your regular class, you can schedule a make-up class - please read the make up policy.
  • Happy Fish will automatically pro-rate partial months for students with classes that fall on a holiday closure or who suspend a class in the middle of a month.
  • If you have a credit in your Happy Fish account and wish to use it for a new registration, then you must register in person or over the phone. If you register online, then the credit will automatically be use towards the following monthly payment.
Back to top How Do I Transfer A Class?

If you need to transfer you child's swim class to a different day and/or different time, you can request a transfer online. Once Happy Fish approves the request, you will get a confirmation email and can start the new class schedule.

    The Fine Print:
  • If you are transferring multiple classes for multiple children or are looking for a specific class, please talk with the registration desk and we can better assist you.
  • Transferring a class means that you relinquish the spot in your old class. You cannot transfer to another class while still securing a spot in your old class.
  • When submitting a transfer request online, we have the right to deny the request if we feel that the new class will not be a good fit for your child. In that case, we will call you and explore different options.
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If your credit card on file is declined, then we will contact you about making a payment online, in person, or through the mail. To ensure your child continues their swim lessons without interruption we ask you please keep your autopay information current and clear any outstanding charges by making a payment online.

    The Fine Print:
  • Keeping a valid credit card on file is the easiest way for you to take swim lessons at Happy Fish.
  • By not having a valid credit card on file, you will get tired of us reminding you to stay current on your monthly tuition. Do us both a favor.
  • There are no late fees, please just pay on time for swim classes.
  • You can change your credit card on file at any time, and the last card inputted will be the one kept on file.
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Classes are automatically continued every month until a "Drop Request" is received. The best, and easiest, way to drop a class is to enter a "Drop Date" online through the Parent Portal. Upon receiving a drop request, Happy Fish will approve the Drop of class and calculate if there will be any credit given. After we approve your drop request, you will receive an email confirming the drop.

    The Fine Print:
  • If you plan on dropping your class in the middle of next month and want to pay a prorated amount for your last month, then you must enter a "Drop Date" BEFORE the 1st of next month.
  • If you drop your class in the middle of a month you have already paid for, we will credit your Happy Fish account for the remaining classes. This will NOT be a credit back onto your credit card. This will be a credit to be used at Happy Fish for future services.
  • If you drop your class in the middle of a month you have already paid for and want a refund for the remaining classes, we will refund the price of the remaining classes minus a $10.00 fee. To avoid a refund fee, make sure to let us know when your last day will be before the 1st of the month.
  • If you drop a class online through the Parent portal, you will receive a confirmation. If you just tell the front desk when your last day will be, there will not be a confirmation sent. It is best to drop your class online.
  • In the rare case that you drop a class online and still are charged for the following month, please notify us right away and we will correct the mistake. This often happens when there is a change of a student's class after entering a "Drop Date" but before they stop attending lessons.
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