Family Practice Time

We all know the saying "Practice Makes Perfect." It's not wrong. Learning to swim confidently requires lots of repetitions in order to build muscle memory. If you would like to see your children progress fast through the program, or get past a frustrating plateau, you should think about spending some time in the water with them outside of class.

It's okay that you may not know how to teach your child like we do. They should instinctively know what to practice as they will probably want to "show off" what they're learning in class. The important part is that they are simply in the water. Allowing them to just explore their body movements without much instruction will help more than you think. However, if you would like some guidance, please talk with your child's teacher after their normal class.

We open the pool on Saturday and Sunday for 1-hour for families to bring their children in for a little extra practice. Registration is done online through the Parent Portal on the same day of the Family Practice Time.

Family Practice Time
Fees (Children under 4 are free)
Saturday @ 4:15p-5:15p
Sunday @ 4:15p-5:15p

Please Note:

- ALL SALES ARE FINAL! We will not provide refunds, credits, or make ups for any person who does not show up for their reservation.

- Space is limited to the first 40 participants. Registration is First-Come/First-Serve and opens online at 12am on the day of the Parctice Time.

- ALL CHILDREN must be accompanied by a parent or guardian responsible for their well being while at the event. Children who are in the ADVANCED levels at Happy Fish may be able to swim independently, but a parent or guardian MUST be on the premesis while they are swimming in case of emergency.

- Happy Fish will provide trained Lifeguards during the event. However, we rely on parents to use good judgement and accompany their children in the water if their child is not fully water safe.

- Family Practice Time is intended for families who have children currently enrolled in a weekly class at Happy Fish. This event is not intended for general public use.

- If we must close the pool due to an unforseen emergency, we will provide a credit for the amount paid ONLY IF the emergency happens during the first 30-minutes of the event. If an unforseen emergency that requires a pool closure happens after the first 30 minutes, we will not provide any credits for the closure.